Finger Lakes Funeral Directors Association

Annual Meeting

March 24, 2015

Held after the second day of the convention at the Harbor Hotel

Watkins Glen, NY


Twenty members of the association attended.


Meeting was called to order by Kevin, Minutes of the 2014 meeting were read and approved.


Kevin asked if any of the members knew of any different speakers that we could contact for future CEU credits or topics.. NY State F.D.A. will not share that information.


Total attendance was 110 Funeral Directors and 15 Vendors.


Should we hold the convention yearly or every other year. Membership agreed every year.


Planning of the convention does take time, getting the approval from the state of the speakers topic can be a long and timely process.


VA Burial Benefits are not being paid to the funeral homes but are going directly to the families.


Walter Kent reported the Food and Beverage for funeral homes was approved by the assembly and is waiting for the senate to reconvene and vote.


The Electronic Death Registration System, aka EDRS is still being worked on.


Deborah Orecki is retiring and the status of the NYS Department of Health Bureau of Funeral Directing is unknown at this time. It could be combined with another department.


VA Benefits have been increased but increasing social security benefits are Questionable.


Thomas Lynch and Thomas Long are traveling around doing their speaking engagements.


NY State is doing celebrant training.


From The Floor


Brad Perkins- Suggested that nursing homes and Hospicare should start storing bodies until morning for removals.


Brad also thanked the organization for doing a good job.


Brad mentioned it is getting harder to find qualified young people getting into the business.


Tyler Kent gave the accounting of the convention as follows.


Sponsors         $16,200.00

Registration     $26,090.00

Dues               $ 1,225.00   (49 members)

Total                $43,515.00



Total               $29,794.50


Profit             $13,720.50


Old Business– Nothing to report


New Business


Walter mentioned that the Association has insurance and is bonded.


Walter motioned to donate $5,000 to the PAC fund. Motion approved


Kevin’s comment was last time we did this we never received a thank you letter from the NYSFDA.


Kyle Chedzoy mentioned that Schuyler County has increased its burial allowance to funeral Homes.


By Law Change


Article VII- Officers, subsection 7.


In the event of a vacancy in the officers of the association, the board has the authority to appoint a licensed funeral director who is a member in good standing to an unexpired term for the remainder of said term.




Submitted by


Roger J. Meier